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A Utility Coin

A coin developed specifically to be used on the DAM Marketplace


Can be divided with the smallest possible unit being .000001 of a DAM coin


Individual units or parts are interchangeable and indistinguishable

Financial Privacy

Offers privacy by using an obfuscated public ledger blockchain


Based on blockchain technology with a distributed ledger and disparate network

Blake2b Algorithm

A Proof of Work, fast, and secure cryptographic algorithm

Frequently questions

  • How can I get DAM coins?

    DAM coins are both mineable and can be purchased on the DAM Marketplace. Mining commenced in May of 2020 and the DAM Marketplace is scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2023.

  • How can I mine DAM coins?

    You can learn more about mining DAM coins by visiting the DAM mining pool located here. DAM coins are mineable using Bitmain A3, Innosilicon S11, or StrongU STU-U2 ASICs.

  • When will the DAM Marketplace be open?

    The DAM Marketplace is scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2023. It will support the selling and buying of DAM coins by users of the DAM Marketplace.

  • How many coins are in a block?

    At the time of launch, each block reward had 29.80 DAM coins. As each new block is found, the amount of DAM coins in the block are reduced.

  • What is the Max Supply of DAM Coins?

    The maximum supply of DAM coins is set at 500,000,000 coins.

  • Was there a pre-mine of DAM Coins?

    Yes. The first 42 blocks were dedicated as a premine. This included 150,000,000 coins that were set aside for founders, investors, and for a future IPO. This leaves 350,000,000 coins that are set aside to be mined by the mining community.

About Us

Who we are?

The DAM coin team consists of entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiast, and financial experts working together to create an intuitive way for people to invest, hold, and sell crypto currencies. The DAM coin is just a small part of the overall project. As a utility coin, it provides a financial incentive for those using the DAM Marketplace to pay for their fees. Miners will be able to sell coins to users of the system in addition to trading the DAM coin on our marketplace. After the launch of the DAM marketplace, we will be working to have the DAM coin traded on other platforms.

Digital Asset Management

Why Mine The DAM Coin

Complete Ecosystem

The DAM coin is part of a larger solution that is focused on crypto. This ecosystem provides a built-in marketplace for the DAM coin.

Built-In Marketplace

Planned for Q3 of 2023, the built in marketplace will marry up users of the system with miners selling coins.

Set Coin Price

DAM coins offered by the company will sell for $2.00 a coin. This will provide an opportunity for miners to match our selling price.

Payment Network

Planned for 2025, DAM Pay, is a cross border payment network that will leverage the DAM Marketplace functions to facilitate payments world wide.

Become a Team Member

We are looking for crypto enthusiast to help us grow the DAM coin. We need miners, pool operators, and ethusiast to help us scale. If you think you have something to offer, let us know.

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DAM Expert

Final testing before launch

We have entered the final testing phase before we release the coin to the mining community. Almost there.


Offical Coin Launch

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the DAM Coin and its mining pool. Start mining [here]

By: Brandiefor PUBLIC

Preparing for Marketplace Launch

Preparations for the launch are going smoothly. Next steps: obtain licensure in the EU and Latin America.

By: Brandiefor Public

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